The Work Vineyard story is one of great pride. For 50 years, Work Vineyard has proudly carried a vision and passion to create extraordinary wine using the finest fruits grown in the heart of Napa Valley. From our first vine in 1976, to our latest harvest, learn how we take wines from farm to glass.

First Vine
Work Vineyard made its fruitful debut in 1976. Now a single-estate Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, Work Vineyard has focused on perfecting its craft for the past 5 decades, employing exceptional winemaking techniques with full-body fruit and terroir. Each harvest warrants masterful and artisanal care, with each day bringing new opportunities to enhance and create. The real work applies when creating harmony between people and earth.
Today, the Work Vineyard estate is under the distinct care and guidance of Lamya and Sam Malhotra. Bright-eyed and full heart, the Malhotra's personal connection for wine has come full circle from their childhood days where Lamya's grandfather maintained an underground wine cellar in Iraq. As a little girl, Lamya's grandfather would show her the eerie and natural cave-like vaults, where winemaking was arguably less about measured results and more about feeling.
Behind every great bottle of wine is an equally recognized and well-respected winemaker. Kari Auringer has led the winemaking process at Work Vineyard for three years, taking this estate's vision to new heights. Kari's technique is focused on deep immersion into all aspects of winemaking with hand in tow. A quick search of Kari Auringer will result in endless pages of accolades and awards, giving us more reason we're thankful to have her on our team.