Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, Work Vineyard's quaint estate is located along Highway 128 in Calistoga, California. Pay close attention to catch the brand's original 1976 orange road-sign, an homage to the brand's long and storied history. Explore the genetic make-up of our wines from ground up.

Calistoga, California

Where the Mayacamas Range lay on the west, and the Vaca Range on the east, Calistoga rests in between towards the Northernmost tip of Napa Valley. This famous 7-mile vino capital attracts warm to hot temperatures which peaks above 100° in Summer. As night falls, the Chalk Hill Gap evening breeze, and the Pacific, cool the valley floor down to the low 40s°, making Calistoga an ideal producer of full-body Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Work Vineyard boasts 70 rows of Cabernet Sauvignon 47, a unique grape clone notable for its extremely resilient and high-quality wine, historically associated with the Bourdeaux region in France. And when these particular grapes are exposed to Calistoga's warm-hot temperatures, the flavor blend is absolutely remarkable.

Man meets Terroir

Calistoga is almost completely of volcanic origin, attributed entirely from the once-active Mt. Saint Helena. The soil mixture ranges from the hillside's stony and cobbly loams to heavier clay-silt in the valley center. It's here the understanding of the soil beneath allows the estate to carefully harvest the earth’s natural nutritions by blending muscular technique with science and eco-modern practices.

A True Working Masterpiece

Our range of wines begin with a common understanding of terroir, climate, and tasty fruit. Each member of the Work Vineyard team is deeply immersed into the nuances behind the winemaking process, to develop true to varietal wines. We warmly invite you to taste our wine and experience our work of art.